The 5 Most Dangerous Roads in New York

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Driving in New York State poses unique challenges that people in the rest of the country rarely encounter. Many New Yorkers must make their way through the bustling streets and hazardous highways on a daily basis.

Read on to learn about New York State’s five most dangerous roadways.

#1 - Taconic State Parkway

It may come as a surprise that this road is the deadliest road in New York. However, this two-lane roadway is one of the most overcrowded highways in the state.

Part of the reason why Taconic State Parkway is so dangerous is because of all its twists and turns. If you can avoid this road next time you head north from the city; you should.

#2 - I-87 From New York City To Montreal

This road is a two-lane highway that connects New York City and Montreal, Canada. In the last decade, I-87 has seen 150 traffic fatalities.

The deadliest part of this highway is outside of the city from Ramapo up to Albany. It’s wise to avoid this dangerous road whenever possible.

#3 - Niagara Falls Boulevard

This small piece of roadway is just a three-mile-stretch from Amherst to Tonawanda. This road is often referred to as the deadliest road in Western New York and is made up of puzzling signage, treacherous crosswalks, and no center meridians.

At least 11 pedestrians have lost their lives on this road since 2011. When traveling up this way, it may be safer to take the I-190 instead of this road.

#4 - Hempstead Turnpike In Nassau County

As a major thoroughfare, and with over 7 million people calling Long Island home, it’s no surprise that this road is so deadly for both pedestrians and motorists.

It’s wise to avoid this road whenever possible. Also, never jaywalk and always be very mindful of the crosswalk signs.

#5 - Upper Broadway (Manhattan)

Broadway is perhaps the most dangerous place for pedestrians. More than 60 million people come to visit The Big Apple each year, most of whom will walk the streets to get around.

More than 400 pedestrians were killed in New York from 2010-2012, and Broadway claimed more deaths than any other street within that timeframe.

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