Senior couple stands in their nursing home kitchen wearing face masks while looking out the window

5 Shocking Nursing Home Abuse Statistics

Nursing home abuse in all its forms is absolutely unacceptable. It may be prevalent in the United States, but that doesn’t make it okay.

You may be surprised to learn just how common nursing home abuse is in this country. Here are five shocking nursing home abuse statistics that you should know about:

#1 - Financial exploitation is the most common form of self-reported abuse.

This type of abuse may not seem as bad as, for example, physical abuse, but that may not truly be the case. Elders need the money they have worked all their lives for, especially at the end of their life. Not only do they have to pay astronomical amounts to stay in the nursing home, but they also have to keep up with their medical care, which is not cheap in the U.S.

#2 - Approximately 10% of elders in community care settings endure abuse.

This is all types of abuse, including:

  • Physical
  • Psychological
  • Verbal
  • Sexual
  • Financial
  • Neglect

#3 - One in 13 New York elders has been a victim of abuse over the past year.

The elders in New York nursing homes have endured at least one form of abuse over the past year. This number may have increased due to COVID-19, but it is challenging to estimate without having the data.

#4 - Elder abuse is underreported.

For every case of nursing home abuse that is known to programs and agencies, there are 24 more that are unknown.

#5 - Mistreatment rates skyrocket when elders don’t have sufficient support systems.

When nursing home residents lack social support from their families, they are significantly more likely to endure abuse.

If you suspect your loved one is experiencing abuse at a nursing home facility, it is imperative to reach out to a skilled nursing home abuse attorney right away. It is unacceptable for your loved one to suffer as a result of a nursing home’s negligence. Don’t delay—contact our office right away to see how we can help.

Call the New York lawyers at The Ahearne Law Firm, PLLC today at (845) 763-4100 to speak with a knowledgeable attorney about your case.


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