Young man looks out the window while driving on a highway near other cars

Steps to Take If Another Driver Is Following You

Picture this: You’re driving along the highway minding your own business when you begin to notice that the driver behind you has been there for quite some time. You change lanes and the other driver does too. At this point, you suspect the driver is following you.

What now?

Being followed by another driver is one of the most frightening things that can happen on the road. Here are some tips to follow if it happens to you:

Verify That You’re Being Followed

Sometimes, you may think someone is following you, but they’re actually just traveling on a similar route as yours. In order to verify that you’re actually being followed, do one of the following:

  • If driving on the street, make four right turns, and if the car is still behind you after the fourth turn, you can probably assume they’re following you.
  • If driving on the highway, exit the roadway and immediately get back on. If the car is still behind you, there’s a good chance they’re following you.

Remain Calm

Your first instinct when you realize someone is following you may be to panic. When you’re in a panic, you’re more likely to make rash decisions. Do your best to avoid this reaction as it can make the whole situation much worse.

Don’t Go Home

Since your home is your safe space, you may be tempted to immediately drive home to get out of harm’s way. Do not do this. You certainly don’t want a stalker to know where you live.

Gather Information About the Car

If you’re able to do so safely, make a mental note about the details of the car following you. If you can, try to get a glance at the driver to observe identifying characteristics.

Call 9-1-1

If you feel you are in danger, call the police right away. Let them know you are being followed and provide as many details about the car and the driver as possible.

Drive to the Police or Fire Station

Sometimes police stations are vacant, which doesn’t make these locations great places to escape danger. However, if you happen to know of a local police station that typically has police activity, then go there.

Fire stations almost always have officials working onsite, which makes these locations a safe choice.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident because someone was stalking you or for some other reason related to another’s negligence, you may be owed compensation. Let our team see if we can help you recover the money you deserve.

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