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Why Don’t Professional Drivers Turn Left?

The Benefits of Avoiding Left Turns

For about 50 years, delivery company UPS has been rerouting its drivers to avoid making left-hand turns. Not only has this proven to increase fuel efficiency and decrease the number of miles driven per year, but the company also experiences fewer collisions annually as a result.

When planning out your next road trip or daily commute, consider how cutting down on left-hand turns can be more beneficial in the long run.

Increased Safety

Studies from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that left turns contribute to over 22% of collisions each year, and this statistic is nearly double for accidents involving motorcycles. Unprotected left turns can be even more dangerous as impatient drivers waiting for a gap between other vehicles may engage in reckless driving behaviors as to not increase their commute time.

Number of Miles Travelled

When UPS launched a software in 2008 that would effectively eliminate the need for left-hand turns from their delivery routes, they found that it saved 100 million miles per year. This was in addition to the 85 million miles that drivers already saved by decreasing the number of left turns in their routes. The company also found that making unnecessary left turns increased their delivery time by about 20 seconds per turn.

Fuel Efficiency

One of the most overlooked aspects of reducing the number of left turns is its effect on your vehicle's fuel efficiency. In a 2010 interview, a former UPS VP touted that drivers saved 10 million gallons of gas by implementing these procedures.

As mentioned previously, making left turns often requires your vehicle to idle while waiting for an opening. This can negatively affect your fuel efficiency, so you can make significant improvements by simply reducing the number of left turns taken.

New York Car Accident Attorneys

New York City has long acknowledged the safety hazards that can come with making left-hand turns, especially when they’re unprotected. Following a pedestrian safety study, the state implemented an action plan that would improve visibility at left turns in Manhattan. However, this does not eliminate the dangers that can come with these.

Drivers or pedestrians who have been injured by a reckless individual have a right to pursue justice. The Ahearne Law Firm, PLLC can help ensure that your rights are protected. Call (845) 763-4100 or fill out this short form to schedule a free consultation.


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