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Statistics: New York Truck Accidents

Being involved in an accident with a truck is always tragic, even if no lives are lost. Continue reading to learn about the statistics of truck accidents in the state of New York.

The Data

According to the Traffic Safety Statistical Repository (TSSR) provided by the New York Department of Motor Vehicles, there were a total of 20,549 accidents involving large trucks during the year 2018.

Of those accidents, only 70 were fatal. A total of 4,202 crashes were non-fatal but involved personal injuries. A whopping 16,277 of the accidents were reported with property damage but didn’t record any injuries.

The severity of these crashes is broken down even further. A total of 357 of the crashes were categorized as serious, 566 were labeled as moderate, 3,017 were considered minor, and 106 had unknown severity. In addition, 15,860 accidents involved property damage.

A total of 201 crashes occurred between large trucks and pedestrians during 2018. Only 17 of them were fatal, 182 involved injuries, and just two were responsible for property damage only.

There were 74 instances of truck accidents with bicycles, five of which were fatal, 66 of which involved injuries, and three involved property damage only.

Large trucks collided with motorcycles 53 times in 2018, causing one fatality, 34 injuries, and 18 instances of property damage only.

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