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What Causes Most Semi-Truck Accidents?

Due to their massive size and immense weight, large trucks have a high potential for causing serious damage to anything in their path.

Keep reading to learn what causes most semi-truck accidents.

When a Passenger Vehicle Causes the Accident

To the surprise of many, it has been widely reported that passenger vehicle drivers cause a significantly greater number of truck accidents than truck drivers do.

The following are some of the ways in which passenger vehicle drivers cause accidents with trucks:

  • Driving in trucks’ “No-Zones” (blind spots)
  • Cutting off a truck
  • Positioning to the right of a truck that is making a right turn
  • Over- or underestimating an approaching truck’s speed at an intersection, and turning left in front of it
  • Incorrectly merging into traffic, prompting a truck to maneuver or brake suddenly
  • Neglecting to slow down or speed up when a truck starts changing lanes or merging
  • Risky passing, especially passing without sufficient headway
  • Getting ahead of a truck, then getting blown out of position by air turbulence or cross-wind
  • Driving into traffic from the roadside ahead of a truck without adequately accelerating
  • Driving in between large trucks
  • Abandoning a vehicle in a driving lane, or neglecting to move a disabled vehicle totally off the highway and onto the shoulder

When a Truck Causes the Accident

For the most part, commercial truck drivers tend to be very skilled and patient drivers. Although, there are certain factors inherent to the industry that have been known to cause accidents, such as:

  • Insufficient training in the following:
    • Driving techniques
    • Safety concerns
    • Defensive driving
  • Compensation systems that motivate drivers to drive faster and for more consecutive hours than is typically recommended.
  • Impractical schedules and expectations of trucking companies encouraging drivers to rush, regardless of the safety risks.

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