night time driving dangers

Night Driving: Top Safety Tips for Driving in the Dark

Statistics show that driving at night is more dangerous than driving during the day. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that fatal accidents are three times more likely to occur at night than during the day.

National Safety Council Director Alex Epstein explains: “You see less of the road ahead of you and have less room and time to stop.”

While visibility is the main contributing factor to most nighttime accidents, they are not the only problem. Here are some tips that may help you prevent an accident while driving at night.

Drive Cautiously and Watch for High-Risk Drivers

The NHTSA reports that the number of fatal accidents caused by a drunk driver is four times higher at night. Be sure you take extra precaution in scanning your surroundings and watching for drunk drivers at night.

It is essential to be on the lookout for cars swerving, stopping sporadically, or making unsafe lane changes, as they may be driving under the influence of alcohol. If you believe someone is driving under the influence of alcohol, distance yourself from them as much as you can, and call your local authorities and report them.

Take Care of Your Eyes

The NSC recommends getting your vision checked each year to help ensure your chances of avoiding an accident. Poor vision gets worse at night, as those with poor vision may already know. Poor vision may affect depth of view and clarity and may cause objects to appear farther away or closer than they are, which may, in turn, negatively affect the way one drives and can ultimately lead to an accident.

Avoid Traveling Across Two-Lane Highways When Possible

An NHTSA study reports that two-lane highways may be the “worst possible scenario” for nighttime glare. This excessive glare is caused by oncoming cars’ headlights, less overall lighting, and that these highways often have much more curvature than others. If possible, avoid two-lane highways at night. The route one selects may be the difference between whether one is involved in an accident or not.

The Ahearne Law Firm Can Help

While these tips may help prevent an accident at night, there are no guarantees. Drivers will continue to drive distracted and negligently.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, The Ahearne Law Firm can help. We are experienced attorneys handling auto accident cases in the Hudson Valley. Insurance companies do not want to pay on their policies for those injured due to the negligence of their drivers. We can make sure they do.

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