Car speeding down road

Does Speeding Increase Accident Risks?

Within the last two decades, speeding has been involved in at least one-third of all car accident fatalities. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2017 alone, speeding caused more than 26 percent of all traffic fatalities. If a person drives faster than the speed limit or too fast for road conditions, it can significantly increase the chances of being involved in an accident.

NHTSA Is Trying to Eliminate Speeding Nationwide

Statistics alone show how dangerous speeding is and how many fatalities it’s caused. For that reason, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is working along with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to increase safety on the roads. They are implementing speeding management to decrease speeding accidents.

Some of the speeding management they are implementing include:

  • Applying road design and engineering measures to obtain appropriate speeds

  • Setting speed limits that are safe and reasonable

  • Apply technology that targets crash-producing speeders and to deter speeding

  • Delivering Speed Management Program to State and local jurisdictions

How to Deal with Speeding on the Road

When a driver is speeding, they aren’t only putting themselves in danger, but also other drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists. The fast speed gives drivers less time to break or to observe their surroundings. Although driving alongside aggressive drivers is frustrating, it’s always best to keep your distance. For example, if you’re in the left lane and someone wants to pass you, move over and let them by. You should also give speeding drivers plenty of space because if they lose control of their vehicle, it is less likely that they will hit you. If you notice that a driver is following you or harassing you, you should call the police.

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