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After hip replacement surgery (arthroplasty), yoga may help to speed up recovery, strengthen the hip joint and help patients regain freedom of movement. A useful article from highlights basic guidelines, considerations and tips to practicing yoga after hip replacement surgery:

Basic Guidelines

  • Always ask your doctor or physical therapist for recommendations and clearances.
  • Always be working toward establishing a functional range of motion.
  • You should never strain yourself by trying to do too much too soon.
  • If you experience pain, stop and tell your instructor.


  • Most patients favor their the side not operated on, so posture and alignment are critical
  • Avoid changing positions too many times as it will take longer to get down onto the floor and stand up again
  • The time that has lapsed since operation and its affect on flexibility and strength
  • Surgical approach used by the surgeon
    • Posterior – implantation from rear
      • Avoid aduction, or crossing legs at knees; flexion, or bending forward at the hips; and internal rotation, or turning thighs inward
      • Back bending postures and spread-leg positions should not cause problems
      • After surgery, do not cross legs for 3-6 months or bend forward at the hips past 90 degrees for 1 year
    • Anterior – implantation from the side or front
      • Backbends should be avoided
      • Avoid sitting postures that turn the thigh bone out, wide abductions and any poses that cause hyperextention of the hip
      • Any movement that strengthens the hip flexors and adductors is recommended


  • Always be sure that thighs are rooted in the hip sockets when doing poses
  • Make sure not to put all weight on either hip
  • Use a chair as an alternative to getting onto the floor
  • Avoid overexertion
  • Don’t be afraid to move

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