Truck Accident

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Truck accidents involving an eighteen wheeler (18-wheeler,) semi-truck, tractor-trailer, delivery truck or any other large commercial vehicle can cause severe damages. Under New York law, it may be possible to recover compensation where the truck driver was negligent. Some of the factors that are considered include the driver’s fatigue, improper lighting, poorly maintained roads, defective equipment, failure to comply with safety requirements and many other factors.

The most common type of truck accident injury includes broken bones, brain injuries, spinal injuries, amputations and wrongful death. Since there are heavy regulations imposed on the trucking industry, there are more complex issues when there is a truck accident than a standard motor vehicle case. An “18 Wheeler” must be registered with a State and the Federal Government and meet certain safety and maintenance requirements. A lawsuit will discover these failures, if any, and will lead to a faster settlement form the Insurance Company for the Truck when it can be shown that the Owner failed to comply with safety laws. Also, there are time limits for drivers, and their logs are also investigated.

Contacting a legal professional is the important first step in starting the process of establishing medical coverage to pay for the hospital, doctors and therapy and to collect compensation for injuries or damages based on the specific facts and circumstances of your accident.