Slip and Fall

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A “Slip and Fall” refers to an instance when a property owner negligently fails to properly maintain a sidewalk, stairwell, walkway or other areas that results in a serious injury. This can include a fall that take place because of water residue, icy surfaces, or lack of snow removal. Broken steps, missing ends of treads, lack of handrails are some of the causes of injuries. Additionally, hidden hazards or poor lighting to see a potential danger can result in a slip and fall. Other common causes include: uneven flooring, cracked sidewalks, unsecured carpets or rugs, and unstable handrails.

Slip and Fall accidents can result in injuries such as paraplegia, blunt head trauma, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, fractured legs or ankles and back injuries. The force of a fall can cause you to land heavily, and that impact is what causes the injury. Imaging you fell, without putting out your hands, from the top of your dresser or car hood. Those heights, even 4 feet, can result in a force of about 12,800 pounds hitting the person’s body. It is easy to see how you can get hurt from a fall. [See, impact forces at the web site]

Contacting a legal professional is the important first step in starting the process of establishing medical coverage to pay for the hospital, doctors and therapy and to collect compensation for injuries or damages based on the specific facts and circumstances of your accident.

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