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Electric Injury

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Electric shock can happen to anyone. You can be exposed to lightening, which is terrible. Also, there are exposures that can result in injuries from job site failures, construction site accidents, combination of water and electricity, falling wires, hitting wires while digging and other causes. People can also be injured when Utility Company equipment fails.

The type of injuries that can result from electricity include brain damage, nerve damage, burns like a sun burn blisters but the blisters are huge, muscle weakness and other injuries. These injuries must be diagnoses as soon as possible after the incident and the plaintiff must seek legal counsel as soon as possible. You need an attorney because the incident must be investigated, not just by the police or the owner of the property, but by the plaintiff’s attorney so that no evidence goes missing.

Examples of what causes electrical injuries include, failure of public utility to keep their property in good condition, failure of wiring, concrete charged by electricity, short circuited switches, product liability, water and wiring, and can take place on an amusement ride (Ocean Beach Park, CT where a child had burned hands) from direct contact with the high voltage electricity.

Most electrical shocks result in minor burns, but because our body is mostly water, and electricity carries through water, there can be serious internal damage, which can produce a complex pattern of injury and clinical manifestations. Because we are all different, no one can predict how bad an eclectic injury will be. The issues include voltage, amperage, path through the body, and environmental conditions, to name a few. Equipment that is not properly grounded can cause severe electrical injury or electrocution. Without proper grounding, a 120V conductor might touch metal and fail contact a metal enclosure or casing and not operate any circuit protection.

Accidental contact with exposed parts of electrical appliances or wiring, flashing of electric arcs from high-voltage power lines, lightning, machinery or occupational-related exposures are all possible causes of electrical injury. High-voltage electrical trauma if it does not kill you can cause the injured person to have amputations, brain damage or other injuries.

Attorneys should be involved to make sure that the Workers Compensation Claim is properly filed, that the insurance company is doing the right thing or that they be brought to court and that the reasons for the failures are found out and that if a lawsuit can be brought that it be started as quickly as possible.

Even without visible burns, electric shock survivors may be faced with long-term muscular pain and discomfort, fatigue, headache, problems with nerves and sensation, balance and coordination, and other symptoms. Electrical injury leads to problems with cognitive function, thought processes, ability to think properly, mood swings, emotional problems, speed of loss of attention span, loss of concentration and other psychological problems.

Electrical injury may result in post-traumatic psychiatric disorders which can be as life-changing and all injured people should get treatments with consultants and a supportive environment to facilitate rehabilitation, return to past activities, employment, and normal functioning.

If you have been injured in a ELECTRIC accident you should call The Ahearne Law Firm, PLLC, as soon as possible. Make sure that you take photographs because the situation can change, the snow and ice or roadway can change, the bruises heal. Photographs are a valuable litigation tool.

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