Distracted Driving Accident

Drivers who talk, text, and dial, including hands-free devices, while operating a motor vehicle illustrate some of the activities that take a driver’s attention off the road because they are distracted. It can also include those that eat or drink while driving. Effective November 2009, New York passed a law against texting while driving. All drivers now face a maximum fine of $200 for a first-time offense, increased from $150; a second offense within 18 months to $250 from $200; and a third or subsequent offense to $450 from $400, according to the state Department of Motor Vehicles. Current distracted driving laws.

  • Drivers must use hands-free devices while talking on cell phones.
  • Text messaging and related uses of handheld electronic devices banned.
  • Taxi cab drivers in New York City banned from using cell phones.
  • Television screens not allowed within view of drivers.

These are examples of violations of the law and are driving errors that are “negligence” under the law and can make the driver responsible to pay for the injured persons medical care and pain and suffering.

There are different types of injuries involved in automobile accidents. These can be whiplash, internal bleeding or bruising, fractured bones, concussions and brain injuries. These injuries can result in hospital and medical bills, unexpected time off from work, emotional distress and more.

Contacting a legal professional is the important first step in starting the process of establishing medical coverage to pay for the hospital, doctors and therapy and to collect compensation for injuries or damages based on the specific facts and circumstances of your accident.

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