Bicycle & Car Accident

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Automobile and bicycle accidents: – things to do after an accident and things to do to avoid an accident

Basic Safety Tips for a cyclist:

  • Maintain control of your bicycle.
  • Don’t ride in construction areas and if you do, pay attention.
  • Use lights at night, headlight and tail lights.
  • Wear bright clothing.
  • Wear a helmet.
  • Be visible.
  • Be alert to your surroundings.
  • Use hand signals before you turn.
  • Ride with traffic and not against traffic.
  • Obey all rules of the road.
  • Watch out for driveways, especially by malls.
  • Go to the hospital.
  • Take some pictures of the car and the bicycle.
  • Take pictures of the area, driveway, roadway, traffic light locations.
  • Take pictures of the car so show where the car hit your bicycle.

The responsibility of each person involved (automobile driver and cyclist):

Both the bicyclist and the car driver must, under law, and common sense, act with a reasonable amount of care. Operators and cyclists must make sure that they see what is there to be seen, that is to look around and see if there are cars/cyclists in the area. For example, if a driver is speeding, driving recklessly, disobeys traffic signals and stop signs, obscures the use of the bike lane and causes an accident, the driver has failed to be responsible and negligent under New York bicycle laws and with attorney representation will have to pay for the violations of law and stupidity. If a cyclist is the cause of an accident then the cyclist might owe the driver compensation. All cyclists should have renters or homeowners insurance on their house or apartment so that the cyclist has her/his own insurance.

New York has a concept to determine the fault of the people involved. Most accidents are caused by some fault of both people, very few cases is there a 100% at fault determination. A good attorney will prepare your case to make sure that your percentage of fault is as low as possible.

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