Construction and Job Site Accidents - We Will Fight for You

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If you are a construction worker who has suffered serious on-the-job injuries, or if your family has had a death that happened at a construction site, a crane accident or in the hospital, we understand that loss of someone you love.

New York State Law, in New York City area, Orange County and throughout New York State, the law provides that the injured person, and his/her family, who was in a construction accident, can recover not only for lost wages but lost for the pain and suffering, and in the case of a death, for the lost wages for the rest of the time that the person would have worked.

We will fight for you against the insurance companies and obtain a financial recovery.

We have lawyers that will take care of the Worker’s Compensation aspect of the injury and/or death.

We have significant experience in handling all types of construction accident claims, including:

  • Ladder and roof falls and collapses
  • Electrical accidents
  • Defective equipment accidents
  • Hoisting injuries and falling loads and objects
  • Slips and falls and fall protection failures
  • Float stage and form work accidents
  • Back and shoulder injuries, amputations, and traumatic brain injuries